Yes, I know this is a very tenuous link to the football (!!) but as a non-football fan, seeing how this England team has worked together to get to this position, it made me ponder on how perhaps we can use their strategy in business. I’ve enjoyed watching the games, the post-match interviews and have certainly been struck by:

• The good team work;
• The differing individual skills which then complement the team as a whole;
• Having a diverse team, both in relation to the players and the management;
• The Leadership team, leading by example and having a clear short, medium and long term strategy and goal(s) which will hopefully have been communicated to the players as and when appropriate.

If you would like to be part of our monthly Power Hours where we look at all these aspects, providing practical advice on issues such as recruitment, managing employees of differing skills and abilities and considering tools which may impact the efficiency of your work force and teams, please let us know and we can add you to our list. We have a rolling 12 month programme so you can join up at any time but this would be a great time to start and plan the next goal for you and the business.

In the meantime, as a Welsh person who has lived in England a long time now, I wish England all the very best on Sunday in the final!