Frequently Asked Questions



1. How are the rates for the service set?

Fees charged are based on a competitive blended rate for simplicity and convenience. This means that one hourly rate applies regardless of which of the solicitors in the Geldards Employment team carries out the work.

2. Who will provide the legal support?

All legal support will be provided by a qualified and experienced solicitor in the Geldards Employment team. The allocation of support will depend on the nature of the matter and best combination of experience and skills required.

3. What happens if the number of hours advice is exceed or the client does not use all of their retainer allocation?

We will discuss the level of support with the client to help them decide how many hours per year they are likely to need. We keep the client updated on usage and if there are any unused hours towards the end of the year or if more hours are required during the course of the year, we can discuss potential options. Our experience shows that, whilst there can be monthly variations, retainers are normally very accurate and clients rarely under-utilise them. Any appropriate adjustments can be made to the retainer arrangement for following years.

4. Are there any legal services excluded from the service?

Yes, some areas of employment advice are excluded because of the complexity and risk to organisations. Most notably this includes Employment Tribunal matters where specialist and tailored legal advice is always recommended.