Long-time no speak, welcome back everyone. With the world slowly returning to normal, everything has been crackers here – that is always a good thing regarding business, but it has meant I haven’t dedicated enough time to these blogs, so it’s my resolution now to keep up with them.

You have probably heard that recently there has been a lot on the news about flexibility at work. This has been a key topic for years, but the pandemic has brought this even more to the fore. Now, there will be some of you chomping at the bit to get back into the office, some who are dreading it, and everything in between.

The proposal banded about by the media is that the government should make flexibility and working from home the norm. It would stop employers forcing staff to return to the office after the pandemic. However, lots of companies have already said they expect to have a mixture of staff in the office and at home. Several businesses have said that workers will be able to decide where they’re based; that’s partly because the pandemic has shown that home-working can be effective but also because shutting or reducing office space can save money.

If these proposals progress through government, it would give thousands more employees more flexibility at work.

It’s been reported the government is “aware of the desire of flexible working” but are they taking into account the smaller companies that “can’t afford that flexibility”? It seems it will be company-specific and it’s key that any changes the Government make to employment law and guidance take this into consideration and respect it.

It remains to be seen what the government will actually do. However, it raises the question – what are businesses doing with regards to a return to work? I thought it would be great to capture some real-life experience and statistics, by getting your views and experiences.

As a result, we have created a short survey to help gather this information. If you could answer the questions on the survey, it would be greatly appreciated and a great way for us to work together to gain an insight into how our clients feel about this topic area.

Please click here to access the survey.