What was meant to be a temporary solution to what was at the time an unpredictable threat has turned into a way of life that looks set to continue way beyond Covid’s lifespan.

The result is that the office of the future is most likely to be a hybrid. Harnessing the best of both worlds to deliver a solution that is personalised, resilient and beneficial for both employer and employee, purpose. The hybrid office is where the old meets the new in a format that signifies not the death of the office, but a transformation. The pandemic has demonstrated just how quickly what we consider ‘normal’ can shift.

But that does not mean that the office environment cannot be enchanted and improved compared to pre -covid operations. Some companies have already moved towards remodelling their HQs, creating break-out areas, and buying fancy coffee machines to encourage interaction and creating a positive work culture.

The “business as usual” way of thinking is officially dead, but that’s no reason why it can’t be reinvented. If employers don’t aspire to do this, they risk leaving their workforce disconnected.

It will be interesting to see how business approach this new hybrid model and how much emphasis is placed on the office culture.

Is your business considering or actioning this? Are your employment policies, procedures and contracts all in line with these changes? Don’t forget the detail