Covid-19 has transformed the world of work, turbo-charging innovations which under normal circumstances could have taken years, even decades, to appear.

Even before the pandemic, levels of workplace stress and anxiety had never been higher. Covid has sent them through the roof. Yet, as the events of the past year or so have reminded us, business exists to enhance human wellbeing – and that starts with your own staff.

Returning to work will come with its own set of challenges for employee mental health, especially when it comes to the anxieties and stressors associated with the transition period of adjustment haven gotten used to remote working and the comforts of home.

These anxieties can encompass everything from childcare and parenting challenges to financial worries, as well as concerns over safety. Even the daily commute will probably look different for much of your workforce.

Employee wellbeing programmes are one way to make the transition smoother. With informational resources, interactive programs and support from employers available to everyone, you can help to ensure that no one falls through the cracks.

It will be interesting to see what companies begin to do for their employees as restrictions ease and a return to the workplace comes closer.