As of today, we have finally hit another milestone in this long COVID-19 journey of ours.

It will see the opening of many more businesses, from pubs and restaurants being able to provide customers with outside service, to non-essential shops and gyms being able to re-open. We also see the return of having the freedom to have a staycation somewhere in the UK with members of our household as well as weddings and civil partnership ceremonies of 15 people being permitted to take place.

For me, I feel another weight has been lifted knowing that we are edging that ever more closer to the world as we once knew it. For many employers everywhere, it will also be the anticipated and much-awaited return of being able to re-open their business and for employees to be able to return to work.

I wonder what this next, what feels like, such a big step will mean? Will businesses find themselves in situations where some of their employees are refusing to return to work because of their fear of COVID-19 or perhaps because of the mental challenge they are feeling of the thought of returning. Employers will have to think carefully on how they deal with such situations.

Now although this next step brings with it new potential challenges and the return of responsibilities that some people haven’t had to have for a while, it must be taken as the hugely positive step it is, a step to be proud of. We have only a few more obstacles to overcome and push through… so let us dig deep and see it out to the end.