Well, well what a difference a day makes. Sunday we all enjoyed time in the garden with loved ones who we haven’t seen for ages. Monday we all froze to death and some of us even saw snow…that is the great British weather for you! But how lovely it was to have company again. Let’s just hope that the few don’t spoil it for the many (words of our chairman actually!)

Another short week this week and then more freedom the week after, it does all seem quite positive at the moment, but what about businesses? How are you coping? What about this new lateral flow test provision? Will you look to enforce this? Still, so many questions, click here for the recording where I talked about compulsory vaccinations (same applies for testing).

Some businesses will now be turning their minds to inevitable cuts that are required, and that may involve manpower planning. If you are one of those business, or actually if you just like to widen your breadth of knowledge, why don’t you join us and our guest speaker Liz Walkley from Empowering Insights at our next HR Power Hour on 27 April 2021. We will be talking legal risks and associated costs and how sometimes a little investment goes a long way on the cost saving front. It is sure to be an interesting one – so click here to book your spot.