As we carry on the path to normality, we must take a moment to reflect and think about the steps ahead.

Workplace testing is going to play a crucial role in preventing future outbreaks within workplaces and giving employees the confidence to return to the office as  national restrictions are relaxed and workplaces begin to re-open their offices.
But what about those who don’t want to return or want a flexible approach?

Just this past week British Airways was mentioned as looking to sell its head office in a post-pandemic shift to permanent home working. Today UK’s largest building society told its 13,000 members of staff to “work anywhere” as it plans to drastically cut back office space.

It proves to be an interesting period coming up for the majority of businesses as they are faced with the decision of going back to pre-Covid operations or adapting a new model.

I’m sure we have not heard the last of this as more workplaces decide on what to do, it’s crucial its employees are consulted and engaged with.

Remember – communication is the key!