Well, we all made it…..we are into the second year of lockdown and we are all in one piece. Yesterday was a remarkable day and I don’t know if any of you spent a minute thinking about how you felt when Boris announced the first lockdown on the Monday evening in 2020 – but nobody could have predicted this still 1 year on. I personally felt markedly different to the way I do now. Yet I am still at home, still working from home as I have been throughout.

It was really timely that we had our HR Power Hour yesterday and we did a Coronavirus Spring Clean – so looking at the learnings and the things we still need to bottom out going forward. Click here to re-watch and see the slides. We covered all the key bits and pieces including compulsory vaccinations. One of the big action points was this – working from home…do you have a policy? Any formal working arrangements? Are you checking in with your staff still working from home? Or on furlough? Yesterday evening I really felt a strong sense of passion about how we all have to move with the times and adapt. Not just bury our heads in the ground and pretend it isn’t happening – that will eventually come back to bite you.

Do you have the required policies and procedures in place for your staff at home, or as they return to the workplace? If not, we can help. Those who did attend the event will get access to our working from home policy for free, you lucky devils! Be empowered, take the steps you need to, to pull your business forward (even if it is kicking and screaming!