Is it just me .. or do the weekends just seem to absolutely fly by at the moment? You would think that because we can’t really do anything due to pesky COVID-19 that time would be creeping by at a snail’s pace …but nope… for me they just seem to fly by in seconds.

I spent my weekend celebrating the return of my hot water and heating, buying bits and bobs for the house/refraining myself from buying everything and having a socially distanced walk with my mum for mother’s day. It does feel so nice to start having some of life normalities back doesn’t it? Even if, for now, it is as simple as a walk with one other person.

Anyway, I am sure you have not come on here to hear me ramble on about my weekend. The reason for my post was to give you an update on some of the new happenings that have occurred to do with the protection that is afforded to workers when it comes to Health and Safety detriment. Check out the link to my legal update below:

Health & Safety Detriment Protection to be extended to workers