What a grizzly day….but we are mid-week and that is to be applauded. This week marked another significant change in our everchanging landscape – the kids went back to school. I thought I would be swinging from the chandeliers with joy at all this time and head space to dedicate to work. Alas no. It is change, and I am not very good with change. So I have been left a bit bereft, missing something and distracted. I have no doubt that the kids feel the same (eh-hem….no they definitely don’t and they are loving being back at school – the teachers maybe not so much!)

All this got me thinking about procrastination (ironic hey?!) and how much of that do we do in business. I think that this is never more highlighted than now. With so many businesses assuming ostrich position and burying their head in the sand, waiting to make (or even) consider decisions that need careful consideration. Such strategic decisions have to be made. But to make them well, they have to be considered and time given to them, to think and plan…not a kneejerk reaction. However, from what I see, so many businesses have been damaged in the last year by the stop/start ever changing landscape that we have inhabited, that these decisions are not even on the to do list. We are missing a trick…..Whilst it is understandable for businesses to be battered and bruised by the events of the last 12 months – the future is coming, and its brighter than our past, but we have to capitalise on it. Take learnings from what we can and carefully think about the shape of our business going forward.

For those of you who have attended any of our events, you will know how much I bang on about the “how”. It’s not always what you do, but how you do it. Communication is key and transparency will get you a long way with your employees. But to do all that, what do you need? A PLAN of course!! If you take the time to think and map out a plan, you can certainly build back better. This will allow you to manage any processes well, with the least risk and in the best way for your employees.

So, in that spare half an hour you have whilst the kids are at school, that spare headspace you have created, take time to step back (metaphorically) and think strategically about yourself, your team or your business, and have the courage to be bold and make plans and decisions before they are forced upon you…..me thinks this will make a great topic for a Power Hour!