It was a bitter sweet day yesterday as I attended on the panel for the final Automotive Coronavirus webinars for MHA Macintyre Hudson. The recording can be found here

We have worked so closely together over the past 14 – 16 weeks, and it’s sad that is coming to an end. We initially provided weekly updates, then fortnightly and now the decision has been made to move away from Coronavirus…this is the good news…economy really is moving on, people are getting back to work, and whilst this may not be the old normal, it is still some form of normal.

This was also reflected today on my F-Word webinar where we talked more about implementing flexible furlough and there is now a real focus on getting people back to work. This is great news but certainly has its challenges from a legal and people management perspective. We all have our own worries and concerns and so does everyone. A large part of our job in HR will be balancing these all up and the only way we can do this is by effective communication. This is also a key skill I have been practicing this week with home-schooling, as we hit a wall last week and there was almost a murder! This week I have stayed altogether more calm and I have listened properly. I have listened to where things come from and the worries and anxieties that are behind the words. This has given me a much better understanding of my daughter and why she is struggling, meaning I can help her. Now the reality is she has to do her work, but by taking this time, we have got there in one piece and altogether in a better way. The same can be said for returning to work. Take the time to listen and understand. Yes, you still may need that employee back, but at least they will feel you have tried to understand and help them. It will make your life so much easier in the long run.

Communication and planning are 2 of my key themes throughout everything I advise on, and they certainly still have a place in our new normal, post COVID-19, recovering world/economy.