Good morning and welcome to your 1000th week in semi-lockdown. I am STILL working at my kitchen table and one day I will bite the bullet and buy a proper desk, somehow actually doing that makes this all seem rather permanent, which of course it is and I absolutely need to get my head around that!  So, that’s first on my personal admin list this week – buy a desk, I also have build a soft toy storage box (with my new found DIY skills and obsession with my drill) and try to make some plans for holidays (which is harder than it seems without any definitive guidance)

Work-wise, I will be in for a busy one this week.  I have 2 webinars to plan for, including my baby the F-Word series on Thursday morning, an ET3 to draft, various redundancy and restructure processes to support with and my draft flexible furloughing agreement precedent to finalise. 

So, a busy one all around, but the sun is shining and it’s a fresh new week so today (and this week) I will bite the bullet and smash it…who is with me?