Welcome to another rainy morning, what a change from last week isn’t it? But the ground did so need the rain so I am trying not to complain. What I will say is that coping with the kids cooped up all day in the house is a challenge and we will be donning our wellies and coats later to just get them out!

To take my mind of the home-schooling hell, we had a fantastic and really interactive webinar this morning. I covered the new information about how the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme is going to look from 01 July to the end of October and dealt with lots and lots of questions, which was great. If you click here you can access our Coronavirus hub where the recording of this morning’s webinar and slides will be, as well as all my other webinars……how the weeks have flown by.

I am open to suggestions for next week, as I am keen to make sure that we are giving you what you want to hear about – there seemed to be a lot of questions about redundancies so that would seem a good topic to me but fire any ideas over to me