So, what do I do with a Thursday morning when I don’t have the usual F Word webinar to prepare for, and the usual technical issues to stress over which are strategically focused on a Thursday morning when it’s critical that I can get online? Well, the answer is, plan for next week. I had a lovely “virtual” coffee with Julian Hall from Calm People this morning. He is making a guest appearance at the F Word next week when he will help us all deal with stress, which we are all aware of in one way or another. It is very timely as the kids turned into trolls yesterday so I must admit I am feeling it this morning because apparently you can’t just tie them up in a corner (joke!!) Anyway, Julian is great and we are putting together our agenda for next Thursday morning…watch this space, one thing is for sure it will be filled with F-words – feelings. Click here to book onto the zoom conference. I am really excited for it!

What else did I do? Well, I planned another webinar, this time me making the guest appearance. Brewster partners is a business I have worked in partnership with for a good few months now and they are the best in the business of recruitment. They seek to build proper networking circles where like minded professionals in similar fields can join up and learn from each other. I will be hosting their HR Forum next Wednesday on the complex topic of returning to work, without tripping over the significant red tape. Drop me a line if you want to join us.

On a more personal front, I also planned some time off. I took a couple of days off over last weekend and it did do me the world of good and made me realise that I have now been since Christmas without a break. I am an intense person by my very nature. I work intensely when I am in work but what that means is that I need to have a break to recharge. It is so important that we all take the time to look after ourselves in this “strange” time. We are all so busy facilitating what our business needs that sometimes we forget about ourselves. Remember that the business is only ever as good as its people and its vital that we take the time to look after our own wellbeing. This is something we will build upon next Thursday with Julian, so I am taking the week after off……yum!