Well hello, long time no speak! I took the luxury of not working my day off for once (Friday) and also taking Monday off as annual leave. I haven’t had a day off at all since February so it was well needed and nice to tag it onto a weekend filled with VE Day festivities, even if they weren’t as we had planned(!) So, there is the reason I have been absent… and what updates have we had? In many ways, we have had a lot but in others, not much has really changed.

We all no doubt gathered around the TV to listen to Boris on Sunday eve to listen to what he had to say about the easing of the lockdown restrictions, and then all the further guidance we received yesterday, has set the cat amongst the pigeons with what you and your business should and shouldn’t be doing, and then you have to start considering what you can and cant facilitate. Difficult business decisions having to be made, and that is even before the implementation of those decisions with the workforce who, by now, are disjointed and remote. A real tricky time!

BUT – we have a plan, a rough “road map” plan, which may change at any moment, but it is nevertheless a plan and you all know how much I like a plan. Why is it important? Well without an initial plan, however sketchy, you have no direction, and whilst you may need to adapt and evolve your plan from plan A, B, C, D and so on, you can’t possibly do that unless you had your plan A to start with. So what am I trying to say? It is quite simple, take some time to look at what your business requires – what do you want to do, what do you need to do and what does that mean for your workforce. Start with an aim, where does your business want to be. Then we can work out what steps you need to take to get you there and when by. I call them the big 3:

  • WHAT do you want your business to look like?
  • WHEN do you want it to look like that?
  • HOW are you going to get there?

The what and then when come from you, you know your business and its needs. Me and my team can help with the how. We work with our clients to get them to where they want to be in their business, helping them get over the hurdles that usually employment law puts in the way, rather than putting more in your way.

So, as more guidance comes through, don’t under-estimate the importance of taking time to plan, it will be worth it in the end.