Expert advice to guide you on the steps to offer a fair process on redundancy and restructuring.

Case study

Due to increased financial constraints brought about by a downturn in trade due to Brexit, we assisted a large automotive business in a significant restructure and rationalisation of their business.  This affected over 500 employees and so collective consultation was required, both with union representatives and elected employee representatives.  We advised and provided hands on assistance for the client through this process, where the potential liability had the consultation not been right would have gone into the millions of pounds. A total headcount reduction of just under 100 was achieved with a large number of those employees being redeployed elsewhere within the group.  No claims whatsoever were received as an outcome of this process and only a small number of appeals to redundancies were also received.  We were also able to go through the process as swiftly as possible, given the requirement to collectively consult for 45 days