Managing Performance

Delivering acceptable levels of performance, including incentivising employees to perform well, creating a good working environment and dealing with any under-performance issues.

Case study

The team assisted a business where there was significant underperformance of sales staff.   A new Senior manager had been brought in and wished to drive up performance to ensure the business met its annual targets.  Our expert worked closely with the HR Manager and Senior Manager in order to develop a performance management policy and implement targets of acceptable performance at the workplace.  This resulted in the business having to undertake performance management processes with a number of their employees.  Some stepped up to the plate and went on to become top performers.  For those that didn’t, their employment was brought to an end fairly and without any claims arising.  This allowed the business to recruit new staff into the role with the corresponding mindset to drive company performance forward. The result was a happy, motivated and high achieving sales operation, meeting and exceeding all new business targets for that year by over 10%.