Guidance on employee holidays including what you should be paying and how to manage annual leave.

Case study

The client is a large organisation that works in the care sector and engages a number of employees and workers, working significant over-time in many different forms.  From the beginning of the “holiday pay revolution” starting with the early cases, our experts have worked hand in hand with this organisation to rationalise their holiday pay operation.  This has involved a complete contractual change across the board for all workers and employees, to ensure that the business is compliant with the developing holiday pay law, to protect them from the risk of any back-pay claims, and to also ensure that they remain financially viable as a business, without having a significant increased spend and outlay on holiday pay for their staff.  This operation was successfully completed without any claims or grievances from the staff, and without any significant financial outlay to the business.  We (conservatively) estimate that this saved the business around £70,000 per year.