All aspects of discrimination, including: race, sex, disability, pregnancy/maternity, gender reassignment, religion/belief, marital status, sexual orientation and age.

Case study

The client is a small owner managed business which supplies glues and adhesives by mail order. The company’s owner came to us in a panic, following an allegation of sex discrimination from a former employee, who was dismissed following a redundancy exercise.  Our client was very concerned about the prospect of an Employment Tribunal Claim and the associated risks and costs, with a particular concern that the claim may threaten the continuing viability of the business if not managed properly as it could potentially cost them upwards of £20,000.

We advised the client on the merits of the threatened claim and negotiated a favourable settlement with the former employee, within a week of the claim being threatened. This meant the claim didn’t have to go to the Tribunal, and had it done so, there was a real risk that they wouldn’t have been able to defend it.

The settlement allowed our client to put the matter behind them in the most efficient way and the client was very happy the matter was sorted quickly and without being drawn into huge costs and taking risks allowing her to get on with her business.

We dealt with the matter immediately and concluded the matter in less than a week of taking instructions.  The prompt advice and action ensured matters were not drawn out adding to our client’s distress and costs and a resolution was reached that both parties were happy with.