Disciplinary & Grievance

How to deal with all disciplinary and grievance issues, including meeting format and content, outcomes and appeal processes.

Case study

We supported a business through a complex disciplinary, grievance and whistle-blowing matter from one of their senior employees.  After a disciplinary matter was raised with this senior employee about bullying and harassment, he made counter-allegations against a number of his colleagues also of bullying and harassment (including discrimination based on his alleged disability).  In his grievance, this employee also made a number of allegations relating to health and safety, which were covered by the whistleblowing legislation.  The employee subsequently went off sick due to mental health reasons.

We worked with the business and helped them navigate through the various complex issues, to ensure that they were always taking steps forward to resolving the issues.  We stepped in and held investigatory meetings with employees, and also attended the disciplinary hearing of the employee, which ultimately led to his dismissal for gross misconduct, which was a robust finding, backed up with a significant amount of evidence which had been gathered in the thorough investigation that preceded the disciplinary meeting.  The thoroughness of the investigation process was to credit for there being no come back from this particular dismissal.  Throughout all of this we were able to assist the business to provide “business as normal” for the rest of their staff through this turbulent time.